answers to your septic tank questions

answers to your septic tank questions

Saving Your Septic From Buildup And Overflow

by Owen Baker

If you own your own home, there is most likely a septic system in place to handle the removal of your waste water. Routine maintenance steps can be taken to ensure your septic system runs properly without clogging or overflowing. Here are some steps you can take within your household that can help with your septic tank service. 

Routine Cleaning

Having your septic pumped regularly will help keep the pump from working too hard to move the sludge in the tank out to your leach field. Many people will have an emergency alarm installed to alert them when the level is getting high in the tank so they can call a septic cleaning service to come to handle the problem. Ask the septic company to inspect the inside of your tank to make sure there are no cracks that need repairing. A quick check of the pump can be done, as well, to make sure it is running to capacity.

Watch Your Water Usage

The amount of water you use in your home can have an impact on the condition of your septic system. Start conserving in order to lessen the amount used so you will keep your septic from pumping out water unnecessarily.

There are several ways to conserve water. When you brush your teeth, turn off the faucet until you are ready to rinse your teeth. Fix any plumbing issues you have in your household where water is running continuously, such as a leaky faucet or a toilet that needs sealing in the tank. Make sure you have a full load of clothing to wash in the washing machine, rather than smaller loads. This can be applied to the dishwasher, as well. Even better, wash dishes by hand.

Avoid Chemical Dumping

Never pour chemicals of any kind down your sink drains. Some chemicals will alter the consistency of the waste inside your septic tank, causing it to be harder to be pumped effectively. Pouring grease down a drain could have similar results.

If the material in the septic doesn't maintain a liquid state, it can cause the pump to seize from too much solid material. This in turn could cause the septic tank to fill up and possibly overflow onto your property if you are not aware of the condition. It could also cause one of the drainage pipes to burst from the pressure of the solid material. It is best to dispose of hazardous waste properly.


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answers to your septic tank questions

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