answers to your septic tank questions

answers to your septic tank questions

Holding A Town Cleanup Day With Your Group

by Owen Baker

If you are a scout leader or school teacher, hosting a town cleanup day would be a great way to teach your students about trash and recycling. Children would learn about how valuable our land is and why we should recycle as much as possible, while giving the town a boost in appearance.

Here are a few tips you can use to coordinate your own town cleanup extravaganza:

Set A Dress Code

Let your students know that cleaning up around the town can be exhausting work, leading them to want to shed clothing if it gets too warm. Have the children come prepared by wearing layers of clothing. Even if it is a blazing hot day, having an extra layer can come in handy for keeping exposed skin covered from the chance of getting sunburn.

Each child should wear comfortable shoes and should have a heavy-duty pair of gloves to be used at all time during the clean up.

Designate Areas

Have a small group of children go with a chaperone to clean up whichever designated area you set aside for them. Draw a map of the town and label it accordingly. Make a copy of the map for each group so they are aware of which area they will be responsible for cleaning. This can help you find people easily if there is an emergency of any kind.

Collect The Trash

Give the chaperones two rolls of garbage bags in two separate colors. Have the students collect things that can be recycled in one color garbage bag and things that can only go in with household waste in another. When a child fills a bag completely, have them twist-tie it shut and leave it on the side of the road for pickup. The chaperone can mark the map showing where bags have been left so they can be retrieved by a helper with a pickup truck.

Admire The Progress

Have the students meet at a location where you have rented dumpsters for their trash collection. When a pickup truck shows up with a haul, the garbage bags can be separated by color to put in a regular dumpster and a recycling dumpster. You may need several pickup trucks if you had a large number of children participating in the clean up event.

Count the bags as the children throw them in the proper dumpster. Have them guess which type of trash had more bags collected or have them guess how many bags there were in all. Whoever comes closest can win a prize. Take a picture of the children in front of the dumpsters to send to your local newspaper informing the town about their recycling and garbage removal efforts.

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answers to your septic tank questions

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