answers to your septic tank questions

answers to your septic tank questions

Recycling Paper Products Within Your Business

by Owen Baker

If you have just opened a small business, and you intend on working with packaged material, you may end up with an abundance of cardboard and paper that you do not have use for within your establishment. Setting up a recycling procedure is a great way to remove these items from your property while taking care of the environment in the process. Here are some simple ways to incorporate recycling in your business.

Enlist Recycling Help

Call sanitation companies in your area to see if one of them has a recycling pickup schedule in place for businesses in your area and ask if you can be added to their route. Most sanitation companies that are involved in recycling will drop off bins that you can fill with waste for the company to pick up weekly or bi-weekly. If you are a larger business you will need to use a large receptacle, such as a dumpster, to place recyclables for retrieval. Check with your regular garbage company first, as they may have a discount program in place if you are already a customer. 

Recycle Cardboard Boxes

When you open boxes to take out materials needed for your business, break the box down and flatten it. Taking the time to do this when you open it will save you a lot of space in your shipping and receiving area. Set aside a spot for the flattened cardboard away from any moisture. When you have a bundle of cardboard, tie it with twine so it can easily be carried to the recycling receptacle.

Recycle Office Paper

If you use a lot of paper in your office, it can also be recycled along with your cardboard. Place a few empty boxes in the office for office paper that you no longer need. If the paper has any sensitive information, using a paper shredder can handle security issues, while keeping the paper in recyclable form. Routinely empty all boxes and shredders and place the paper in the recycle bin provided by your sanitation company.

Add Extra Materials

Ask your sanitation service if they offer all-in-one recycling bins. If so, you will be able to place all paper and cardboard products in the bin along with other materials from within the business that can be recycled. Metal, plastic or glass can all be added in the bin with your paper products. The commercial recycling company has equipment that will sort through the materials, separating it so it can be made into new products.


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answers to your septic tank questions

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