answers to your septic tank questions

answers to your septic tank questions

Three Alternative Septic Systems To Help Keep Your Ground Water Safe

by Owen Baker

Many homes that are located in rural areas depend on ground water from wells and septic systems. These systems work together to provide homes with their basic water needs. If you have a well, one of the major concerns that you may have is ground water contamination. This is an issue that has to be addressed for any home with a septic system, but it is especially important if you have a well.

You may have land where a conventional septic system is a practical solution, but if you want to ensure your water quality, an alternative septic system is a better choice. Here are some of the options for alternative septic systems to protect ground water:

1. Mound Drain Fields With Liners

If you have a conventional septic tank, a mound drain field can be installed to raise the level of wastewater to provide more filtration between your septic system and ground water. This mound system can also be lined with a membrane to prevent wastewater from going directly to the ground water supply. This is a good solution for property with a high water table where a conventional drain field is a concern.

2. Self-Contained Aerobatic Septic Systems

If you have a home that is near a body of water or water supplies are a concern, a self-contained aerobatic system may be a good solution. This is a self-contained sewage treatment system that can be installed inside or outside of your home. It can thoroughly treat the waste, which will then give you water that can be used for irrigation and other needs. Like any septic system, it will need to be serviced and pumped when the solid waste compartment if full.

3. Integrated Wet Land Septic Treatment Solutions

Another solution for septic treatment is using integrated wet lands. These systems combine conventional septic systems with drainage into a wet land area with plants. The plants provide natural filtration and processing of the waste. This can prevent contamination of ground water as well as create a natural space for plant and animal life. This is a more natural solution for filtration and treatment of wastewater from your septic system.

These are some of the options you have for alternative septic systems to protect the ground water of your home. If you need to have a new septic system installed, contact a septic system contractor and ask them about some of these alternative solutions for your home.

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answers to your septic tank questions

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