answers to your septic tank questions

answers to your septic tank questions

Understanding The Difference Between Hoarding And Clutter

by Owen Baker

Discovering that a family member has filled their home with clutter and junk can definitely be concerning. It is only logical that living in a house filled with junk and trash could be unsafe or unsanitary, but this is not how hoarders see their belongings. As a loved one, it is best if you can determine if the family member truly is suffering from hoarding tendencies. Unfortunately, it may not always be easy to see the difference between what would be deemed hoarding by a professional, and what would be just a lot of clutter that calls for a junk removal service visit. There are a few key differences you should keep in mind.  

Hoarders Have a Hard Time Letting Go 

Take a look at your surroundings and what you have in your home. Each object, each decoration, and every small physical object does hold some kind of memory or value. Some of these items you would never want to see tossed out, but if they were, you would live through it and be okay. As a normal thinking person, you know that when something no longer serves a purpose, it is usually best to get rid of it or throw it away. For example, clothing that is too big or last week's Sunday paper. Hoarders, on the other hand, function a bit differently. By tossing something out that holds a special memory or may be eventually useful, they feel like they are losing a piece of themselves.

If you want to know if your family member is struggling with a hoarding outlook, test them by trying to throw something seemingly worthless away. If your loved one puts up a fight, gets excessively emotional, or even irate, there is a good chance they are struggling with hoarding tendencies and they are not just someone who does not mind being surrounded with clutter. 

Hoarders Often Have Collections of Items

It may look like trash to you, but to a hoarder a pile of plastic bottles may be a treasure. One of the key differences between hoarding and messiness or clutter, is that hoarders often find value in specific items. Paper, toys, clothing, and even food are all examples of things that a hoarder may try to keep beyond what is reasonable. Take a look at what your relative is saving and ask yourself one question: Are the items being collected similar, even though they are trash? If so, it is less likely that what you are looking at is merely a lack of good cleaning habits. 

If you suspect that you have a hoarding situation on your hands, it is best to try to get your family member professional help. By working with a junk collection service like A. Viera Disposal & Sanitation, Inc., to eliminate waste in the process, you can help make a major difference in the living conditions of your family member. 


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answers to your septic tank questions

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