answers to your septic tank questions

answers to your septic tank questions

  • Chlorine Bleach – Safe For Household Use?

    Many people use chlorine bleach to clean their homes, wash their clothes and disinfect toys and things around the home. What they may not realize is that the bleach they are using to maintain a healthy and clean home could be causing damage to their bodies and their home septic system. Here, you will learn a little about the effects on your health and home and what you can use alternatively to bleach.

  • Prolonging The Life Of Your Septic Tank

    Your septic tank is used daily for the collection of waste water, making it something in your household that you will want to take care of so you do not need to deal with unnecessary repair. There are several ways to help maintain your septic system, allowing you to enjoy the luxury and comfort of using water without restriction. Here are some ways you can help keep your home's septic system in tip-top shape.

  • Black Water Cleanup In Your Home: Protecting Your Family And Keeping Your House Safe

    Water damage and restoration companies categorize floods in the home according to the clarity and cleanliness of the water that has been spilled. Clean water is fresh water that floods your home due to a burst pipe or spigot, and is relatively harmless due to its fresh source. Gray water poses a slight health risk, and is water that floods your home via a dishwasher, washing machine, shower, toilet, or even a fish tank.

  • Holding A Town Cleanup Day With Your Group

    If you are a scout leader or school teacher, hosting a town cleanup day would be a great way to teach your students about trash and recycling. Children would learn about how valuable our land is and why we should recycle as much as possible, while giving the town a boost in appearance. Here are a few tips you can use to coordinate your own town cleanup extravaganza: Set A Dress Code

  • Saving Your Septic From Buildup And Overflow

    If you own your own home, there is most likely a septic system in place to handle the removal of your waste water. Routine maintenance steps can be taken to ensure your septic system runs properly without clogging or overflowing. Here are some steps you can take within your household that can help with your septic tank service.  Routine Cleaning Having your septic pumped regularly will help keep the pump from working too hard to move the sludge in the tank out to your leach field.

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    answers to your septic tank questions

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